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a large wooden model in need of industrial painting

With specialist equipment and conscientious operatives, we will use the best compatible products for your machinery. Always putting safety first, we will undertake a full risk assessment and site survey to adhere to our strict health and safety policy.

At A.I.A Shot Blasting, we specialise in industrial painting throughout Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. We  can coat agricultural and industrial machinery by airless spraying when powder coating is impractical. We can achieve a high quality finish.

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High quality industrial painting services

The benefit of airless spraying over all other forms of applying a paint coating is that no or very minimal amount of thinner is added to the paint.

Airless spray is quite simply paint applied at great pressure, atomising the paint prior to pushing through the nozzle.

Applying primers through airless spray helps with penetration and even distribution on inaccessible and awkward areas.

A further advantage is that with no air mixed with paint in spraying there is no danger of having wet air and contaminating the paint being applied.

Airless spraying