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At A.I.A Shot Blasting we specialise in metal finishing and industrial painting contracts in Lincolnshire and throughout the UK. To view a selection of our previous projects, please see below for our gallery. Click on photos to enlarge.

Projects from the past .......................

DSC02020 DSC02004 Revesby Abbey 1 Revesby Abbey 2 DSC02011

On site work, blasting of brick work in the stable block at Revesby Abbey..

IMG_20130716_182550 IMG_20130716_113456 IMG_20130716_160948 IMG_20130716_115632 IMG_20130716_121814 IMG_20130716_142846

The six pictures to the left show the blasting andd re-coating of a bouncing bomb from East Kirkby Aviation Museum


Photos show the stages in the process. The top row shows th condition of the bomb before work commenced, filling the blast pot and the actual blasting to remove the deterioating coating.


The second row shows the blasted bomb, primed in red oxide and top coated in black.