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large metal trough before and after glass bead peening

As well as cleaning to a high finish, peening strengthens the metal at the surface level where fatigue cracks and corrosion normally occur and relieves stresses in metal near welding joints.


Items we have peened :

  • Lancaster aircraft parts

  • Food processing lines

  • Spitfire parts

  • Alloy wheels


Glass bead is used to blast clean  a metal surface. Glass beads are a non-ferrous media which are used to peen metals such as stainless steel and aluminium. This media keeps the metal substrate free of ferrous contamination whilst stilll achieving a smooth satin finish.


Metal surfaces often need to be cleaned and textured for aesthetic purposes. The bluish tinge from welding can be removed to give a more uniform finish.

What is glass bead peening ?

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Precision glass bead peening for metals

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