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Our mechanical methods such as shot blasting, ensures that your items are well prepared to ensure good adhesion of powder & wet paint coatings.

Blast cleaning for all surfaces

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With many years of experience in blast cleaning processes, we have purpose-built facilities for shot blasting. We use of range of different media such as steel grit and copper slag.


We also offer glass bead peening for stainless steel fabrications.

Highly experienced

Effective shot blasting for a smooth, uncontaminated surface

Shot blasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive material against a metal substrate to remove corrosion, contaminants and  to roughen a surface.  The process uses controlled pressure depending on the size/delicacy of the part. Parts which have been blasted should then be coated. Primer can be applied to inhibit further corrosion. Items can then be powder coated or airless sprayed depending on customer preference.

What is shot blasting?

Our largest Shot Blasting room measures 60ft x 26ft x 16ft High. That’s big enough for most parts. Don't worry we can handle small parts too.

How Big Can We Shotblast?

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