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Without the danger of damage or distortion inherent in hot dip galvanising, zinc spraying properly carried out is a great choice for a base coat for many products.


It will leave the surface perfectly prepared for treatment with subsequent powder coating and is also an affordable choice for larger objects which will not fit in a galvanising tank.

Zinc metal spraying is used to coat ferrous (steel) metals, with an anti-corrosion coat of zinc. Surfaces are first blast cleaned to SA2.5, to provide the best possible key for the zinc layer. We use the METALLISATION FLAMESPRAY process, where the raw material, in the form of a single wire of zinc is melted in an oxy-propane flame. The molten material is atomised by  cone of compressed air and propelled towards the substrate. The molten zinc solidifies to form a dense strongly coherent coating with excellent anti-corrosion qualities, 35-40 microns.


There are many advantages of the Flamespray process are that the zinc coating is available for almost instant use with no drying or curing times and there is no risk of damaging the component.  The flame spray method also gives a smoother finish when compared with electronic methods of applying a zinc coating.

Advanced modern techniques

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The perfect base coat

• Architectural fabrications

•Domestic and Industrial gates and railings

• Food processing lines

• Industrial wheel guides

• Stairs

  • In short any ferrous metal component.






What can we spray?

Tough and durable zinc metal spraying

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